iFathom is a new, exciting venture that delivers practical change by stepping in when we are needed, where we can add value and when you need to get things done.

We only work with those who we share common ground with and where we can agree a clear brief that ensures everyone can see where our input starts and finishes. We are not a consultancy. You know your own business – why pay someone to tell you something you already know or for something you can already achieve with your own team?

iFathom works exclusively on a fixed fee basis whenever possible and does not surprise you with hidden extras! We provide support at time when you simply haven’t got the time, when you need something sorting out or when you haven’t got the skills in-house to get the job done.

We welcome the opportunity to work on a repeat basis, but like to offer a unique approach where we try to leave something behind so you don’t need to use us again for the same type of support in the future. We believe in equipping and enabling you so that you can grow and develop your own expertise without needing anyone else’s.

No matter the challenge or situation you find yourself in, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are happy to meet with you and bounce ideas around at any time, but preferably if there is coffee involved! The world always needs coffee!


I had the pleasure of working with David on a complex partnership project where he was Programme Manager. He provided clear leadership and dealt effectively with a wide range of challenging, sometimes sensitive, partnership issues.

Ivor Lyons-Pumfrey

Director at Aconbury Consulting Limited