Our work is undertaken across many sectors encompassing a variety of work types from the development of strategic and business plans; delivery of housing, regeneration and services; management of operational and project teams; facilitation of high quality grant applications and business development support.

Our clients include small businesses, local authorities, housing associations, social enterprises, partnerships, educational and training providers, community and voluntary groups, business improvement districts, health organisations, high street retailers and leisure providers to name but a few!

For public sector clients we can help iF you:

  • have key management and specialist roles that you’re unable to fill
  • need to make savings and efficiencies to protect essential services
  • need to explore your options and determine the feasibility of a project or service
  • are unsure how to engage with local stakeholders and partners on a specific issue
  • don’t have the internal resources/skills to develop a new initiative
  • need assurance that your services are compliant with regulation and legislation
  • need to prepare a formal bid or application to secure grant funding for a project
  • want to set up new commercial services and generate additional income
  • promote and market services to increase public awareness/engagement

For private sector clients we can help you iF you:

  • have key management and specialist roles that you’re unable to fill
  • want to improve how your business works and services are delivered
  • need to secure additional income or want to develop new services
  • are undergoing major changes and need someone to keep things ticking over
  • want to engage with new or old customers, clients or partners
  • need to prepare formal tenders and submissions for new business opportunities
  • would like to work with local businesses, community based organisations or local partnerships on a specific opportunity or initiative
  • need to negotiate with public sector organisations to achieve something specific
  • need to work with local people and communities to gain their support for an idea
  • want to develop a strong community or environmental approach within your work

For community and voluntary sector clients we can help you iF you:

  • have a key management or specialist role that you’re unable to fill
  • need to secure grant funding to sustain your activities
  • need to develop a clear focus and business plan to progress
  • want to engage with statutory bodies to secure new opportunities
  • would like to develop and deliver your own projects but need help
  • want to raise your profile and become more involved in wider initiatives
  • want to develop your trustees and management team for the future
  • would like to develop commercial services that others are willing to pay for
  • are having difficulty in setting up or making changes to your organisation


David and I have worked together over several assignments. He has an exceptional talent to pull together complex solutions across housing, healthcare and other similar settings, he does this professionally and with people. His ability to assimilate and articulate is first class. An expert in programme Directorships is a particular attribute, as referenced he delivers on all technical programs and projects but conjoined this with really good people skills.

I have no hesitation in recommending David to any public, private and/or 3rd sector providers.

Simon Thompson

Experienced Director across Health and Social Care

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